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VDBypass tool

With this software you can - unlock (bypass) iCloud
Download VDBypass tool

Supported Models: iPhone 7 to X, iPod Touch, iPad WIFI, iPad GSM, iPad CDMA / iOS 12 to 14.4
GSM/CDMA/MEID devices supported!
Devices with MEID are now supported and you will be able to Activate the device. The GSM signals will NOT work for MEID devices. You will also need a SIM card with PIN code ON to gain Untethered bypass. If the device asks for PIN code then press: CANCEL and you can power ON/OFF your device anytime

How its work:

1. Install the VDBypass tool on the Mac Os (Apple PC only)
2. Open VDBypass and connect device to USB

If you see this message then your device is supported and you can make order by SERIAL NUMBER for your device to the activation database of the VDBypass tool (Order here)

3. Restore/Erase device with the latest iOS
4. Click on Start Bypass

5. Run checkra1n Jailbreak

6. Start checkra1n and Jailbreak (For iOS 14.4 set: Allow untested)

7. Complete Jailbreak

8. Click Start Bypass again

9. You will see “Congrats Message” when the process is completed

10. Reboot and Enjoy your device!